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  • * Perfect mini hassle-free lap tray: The compact size of the Trayvel 2.0 allows it to sit on your child’s lap while they play, create and eat.
  • * Kid’s companion and organiser: There are plenty of mesh and elastic pockets, plus hooks for crayons, books, snacks, bottles, toys etc.
  • * Letting Kids get creative-on-the-go: There is plenty of flat space for different activities- drawing, sticking or playing on your ipad.
  • * Keeping your car and home clean for longer: Don’t worry about your child getting the tray dirty, it has a plastic flat surface and is super easy to clean. Also, the sturdy walls ensure that snacks and small toys won’t end up on the floor.

Life with little ones can be pretty tough. While travelling and at home!

- You think you have the kids sorted and happy with their snacks and toys…
- And it takes just one moment for snacks to go flying and toys to disappear.
- Tantrums begin, your cup of tea goes cold, and you just want to give up...

Let's calm things down with The Trayvel!

The Trayvel is a compact lap tray which sits flat on your child's lap giving them a wipeable, easy to play on-, eat on-, read on-, stick on-, draw on-, surface.There are compartments and hooks for toys, pencils, crayons, snacks, drinks and whatever else you and your child like to enjoy at home or when travelling.

The most compact, sturdy and durable lap tray on the market! This won't be hanging off your child's knees or bending in the middle.

- A perfect sized tray for little ones to keep busy on, so that you can have a happier trip or time at home!
- SNACK: Space to store snacks and upright walls to make sure there isn’t a mess between the seats!
- SCRIBBLE: Plenty of mesh and elastic pockets to keep colouring pencils and crayons.
- STICK: Great surface for reusable stickers! You can even create your own backgrounds and slip it under the plastic.

Keep in mind that Parentessential want to make things easier for you, which is why we offer 100% money back guarantee, or help you resolve any problems.