Secondhand Pushchairs, Firsthand Experience
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Our Reconditioning Process Explained...

Checklist: hygiene & safety service

Pre-Service Inspection

  • Pushchair condition evaluation

Hygiene Service

  • Fabrics removed
  • Fabrics laundered
  • Steam-cleaned to get rid of bacteria
  • Secondary cleaning stage to remove bad smells & deeper stains
  • Odour neutralising

Aesthetic Service

  • Minor sewing repairs where necessary
  • Fabrics laundered
  • Chassis cleaned, polished and lubricated


Safety Service

  • Brakes checked and lubricated
  • Wheels cleaned thoroughly, lubricated and sprayed back to black
  • Replacement of parts
  • Buckle and harness check
  • Damaged parts replaced where necessary

Post-Service Inspection

  • Pushchair grading evaluation
  • Beauty parade
  • End of line inspection
  • Photo shoot