Pushchair Grading

We continue to grade all of pushchairs sold through us in the same way as always.

Pushchairs are given a 1, 2 or 3 grading depending on their standard, cleanliness and general appearance/usability.

Please note, all pushchairs will be described in as accurate and transparent a way as possible and our 7-10 day buffer period, once the pushchair has been received by the customer, allows for any issues or concerns to be raised or returns to be authorised and facilitated, which will all be done via by Buggy Revival.

Grade 1 / Brand New

This describes the pushchair that was received as a gift but was unwanted and hence is unused. It also fits the criteria of the pushchair that was bought but for one reason or another has never made it out of the box. These pushchairs may bear some slight scratches to the chassis and minimal wear to the tyres, however they're more or less unscathed. They generally belonged to parents who impulse bought - used minimally but found it wasn't for them, their lifestyle or their little one.

Grade 1 pushchairs include:
  • minimal markings on the chassis
  • minimal to no wheel wear.

Grade 2

Perhaps you're after something for your second or third baby and understand how messy a buggy can get. We recommend Grade 2, our 'Loved' category for the parent who doesn't want to fork out loads on a brand new pushchair, aren't fussy about slight wear to wheels, chassis and/or fabrics but are ready to browse the brands.

Grade 2 pushchairs may include:
  • small markings on the chassis
  • minor wheel wear
  • minor wear to fabrics.


    Grade 3

    For those parents who don't mind some cosmetic wear and tear to the pushchair there is Grade 3, 'Well Loved'. The prices are reflective of the category and while these buggies may be scratched, they are still safe to use and clean.

    Grade 3 pushchairs may include:

    • markings on the chassis  
    • some wheel wear
    • some general wear to the fabrics.


    Remember, here at Buggy Revival we don't expect you to have to compromise on your usual online shopping habits and experience. As the first online dedicated secondhand pushchair marketplace, we offer a user-friendly experience, free delivery, easy checkout and a no-fuss returns policy.