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Courier & Packaging Advice

Courier recommendation:

Packaging Materials:

  • Bubble wrap and/or shrink wrap
  • Black bin liners
  • Packaging tape

Packaging Tips:

  • Remove wheels, bumper bars, hoods & any other removable parts that create a more streamlined size and shape
  • Wrap wheels, bumper bars and any other fragile parts individually in bubble wrap and place them inside carrycots/seat units
  • Compress carrycots if possible - if its not possible to include them in main package, send separately (contact us for assistance if you have secondary packages to send)
  • Wrap your chassis, seat unit, accessories/removable parts & carrycots (if possible) tightly with bubble wraps or shrink wrap
  • Bag the item in a few bin liners to ensure the product is entirely covered and tape it to ensure the item is fully sealed and ready for collection and delivery
  • Finally, affix your customer's address label and/or courier labels.