Buy, Rent or Sell other Baby Gear

Buggy Revival are here to help take the pressure off buying that all-important pushchair purchase, saving you money on one of the most essential baby items.

But what about other baby gear that you need? Perhaps you wish to rent or buy some or all of your baby essential items but you're not an eBay type of person.

Imagine if their was a network out there which allowed parents to buy, rent and share baby equipment, a community empowered by its own commitment to create a more circular economy. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is!

Kin Club allows you to be a part of that community that allows you to never spend too much on baby gear, to gift or rent or sell any unwanted baby stuff.

This means that from toys to clothes, baby equipment to scooters, with the exception of pushchairs which you would prefer to purchase here, together Buggy Revival and Kin Club have got you covered.

We are here to save you money, to keep you green living and to save the planet one piece of baby equipment at a time.