Secondhand Pushchairs, Firsthand Experience
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Buggies on a Budget

The truth is out, pushchairs are expensive and babies are big business! It dawns on the first-time parent the moment they step onto the baby department floor and check the price tag of that gorgeous pushchair they've been eyeing for a while. Anyone would think they have been embossed in gold and designed for royalty.

We all appreciate luxury items, but with high-end pushchairs costing in the range of £700-£1,000 upwards with Limited Edition like Andy Warhol fabric prints or Diesel collaborations pipping they're standard versions by up to a few hundred pounds.

So, the big brands are saying if you want the best for your baby you can either rely on generous friends and family or have saved enough to justify such a spend. For the rest, there are low- to mid-ranges of pushchair brands which are equally as beautiful and ergonomically-designed but still with price tags from £150 upwards.

The pushchair market is a prosperous one and with brilliant teams working behind the scenes producing smart ergonomic designs is it any wonder these baby items hold their value so well and continue to prosper in the secondhand market?

Enter Buggy Revival, established because buggies needn't cost the first-time parent nor the second- and third-time parent the world. Let the baby inside be priceless rather than the buggy itself.