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The Buggy Revival Story

Buggy Revival is the first online shop dedicated to selling used and secondhand pushchairs in the UK. We sell refurbished, reconditioned preloved pushchairs to the nation at competitive prices.

We strive for ethical excellence and aim to please and in doing so have revolutionised the secondhand pushchair market. We have produced a more familiar, streamlined experience, simplified the buying experience and made it more convenient for parents to buy a used pushchairs conveniently.

Why is Buggy Revival necessary?

New parents tend to buy the best and most expensive pushchair when it comes to buying for their first-born. Next time round, parents either 'make do' with the same one, opt for a tandem or double, and/or invest in a buggy/stroller for those quick trips to the shop or holidays. The average family can quite easily end up with 3 pushchairs over a relatively short period of time. Expensive, right? Well, it needn't be.

Here at Buggy Revival we don't believe you should have to spend through the nose to have the pushchair of your choice and that is why we offer a choice of affordable pushchairs, prams and buggies to suit your family's needs and allow you to do your bit for the environment by going green and buying preloved pushchairs.

    Buy Online at anytime

    Here at Buggy Revival we would never expect you to give up your usual shopping habits. Online shopping is the modern consumer's preferred method, especially for a busy parent, and that's why we believe you should have a familiar online shopping experience even when purchasing a used or preloved pushchair.

    Why shouldn't you be able to buy your desired pushchair and accessories conveniently, FREE from stress, bartering, and delivery charges? Buying secondhand pushchairs often means:

    • Having to check listings regularly
    • Anxiety over the true condition of the pushchair
    • Sourcing a reasonably-priced courier (not easy to for individuals)
    • Negotiating on a price
    • Having to deal directly with individual/private sellers (strangers). 

    What Buggy Revival offers...

    • All the brands, updated on a regular basis
    • Reconditioned pushchairs - serviced, polished, steamed, fixed (see our Reconditioning Explained)
    • Convenient checkout facilities
    • 30 day refund policy
    • FREE delivery to mainland UK
    • Pushchair Grading system so you know the standard of pushchair you're getting
    • The revival of used pushchairs on a large scale, therefore a world in which there is less waste!

    It's more than just Recycling. It's Re-loving... 





    That pushchair designers are creating such ergonomically-designed products for the modern parent That most of these pushchairs come with such high price tags but won't be needed for long
    Injecting love & care into reviving our products because after all they transport those you love & care for most
    That many secondhand pushchairs being sold may be unclean, unsafe or broken 
    That you're interested in buying a secondhand pushchair That you didn't come to us sooner!

    The dream...

    The majority of parents in the UK own an average of four pushchairs...half of (which) are left unused or in storage. Since pushchairs hold their value quite well and with that many used pushchairs possibly going to waste it became necessary to have a one-stop used pushchair shop for parents either on budget or who simply understand the transient nature and inevitable waste factor associated to the pushchair market. If that many could be upcycled and sold at affordable prices then parents across the country could be making incredible savings whilst still doing their bit for the planet. 

    Reviving used buggies...

    Buggy Revival revive pre-loved pushchairs - repurpose, refurbish and re-love them. We have an incredible Refurb Team who are able to breathe a second lease of life into our used buggies, giving them the pamper they deserve to have so we can sell them at a price you deserve to pay.

    You see, we're good for the environment, great for your bank account and necessary for your baby!


    Find the pushchair you like and order online today.

    If you can't find the pushchair you want drop us an email and we'll see if we can source it for you.

    Thanks again for stopping by at Buggy Revival.