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Buggy Revival at the Launch of Advance London

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Last month Buggy Revival was honoured to be present at the launch of the Advance London event at City Hall along with other SMEs with similar 'circular' style business concepts.


Advance London is a new initiative for SMEs in London to encourage businesses to adopt Circular methods and reap the benefits within their businesses and for the capital of seeing less waste and more re-use by 2020 and beyond.

A new venture, part of the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), Advance London is intent on...

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Buying Second-Hand Pushchairs for a First-Born Child

bugaboo buggy family preloved second-hand pushchair

We usually associate the second-hand pushchair market as serving the needs of parents buying for the second time and often for transporting more than one baby about, for example for tandems and double buggies. Used pushchairs are often bought by childminders and grandparents too. So when we heard Christina's story - somebody who'd bought a high-end, used pushchair for her first born baby - we were super interested to find out her reasons for choosing to buy secondhand first time round.

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Buggy Revival's Buggy Survival Guide: Tip No.2 - Folding System Working? Check!

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Buggy Revival has compiled some top tips on how best to maintain your buggy and what areas to pay special attention to so it stays working efficiently and looking slick for longer. We will be publishing all our tips over a series of blog posts so do look out for tip number 3 coming soon.

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Double Trouble or Twice as Nice: Purchasing Pushchairs for Twins

buggy double buggy family preloved second-hand pushchair tandem

Buying a pushchair at the best of times is no easy task, but when you have twin babies plus a toddler to consider, the search for the ideal mode of baby transportation takes on a whole new meaning. No stranger to the used pushchair market, social media manager and mother of three, Rebecca Cartwright knows the trials and tribulations of upgrading and upsizing pushchairs better than most, having had to transport her three boys - 2-year-old twin boys, Arthur and Freddy and three-year-old William - around town. And having bought her second and third pushchairs second-hand, we decided to ask her all about her experience of the world of tandems and double buggies.

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