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Secondhand Love is All Love - Approve It & It's a Keeper!

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The used online consumer market continues to grow, with various apps and marketplaces becoming evermore popular by the day. Apps such as Shpock, eBay, Preloved, LetGo, FaceBook Marketplace to name but a few, have been designed in the spirit of the modern world, to offer both seller and buyer the ease, convenience and fast sale they desire.

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The ratings and usage of these apps have spoken: secondhand online shopping continues to thrive! While the love for the 'loved' is showing no sign of weakening,  what about the marketplace that supports it?

Fast pace buy/sell apps see the individual seller controlling the market, one which can be privy to haggling and dishonesty as well as the issue with stranger danger. That's when you find yourself asking: where is the love?

However, on the flip side there are companies whose main aim in existing within the sustainable, reused market is all love! These companies wish to challenge conventional firsthand shopping habits and do so by offering a trusted and approved ethos, one which doesn't fall short of professionalism and familiarity.

With sustainability and ethical consciousness at the helm, it is companies like those for example who are registered with the sustainable marketplace Blue Patch, whose main aim is to minimise the environmental impact on the planet, utilise renewable energy and resources to see less waste, and serve the local and wider community.

Here at Buggy Revival, we are fast becoming a household name throughout the UK as a alternative online shop for pushchairs compared to the high street or the secondhand marketplaces and apps. Buggy Revival, s featured on MovingBabies Featured on <a href='' title='MovingBabies'>MovingBabies</a> is beginning to enjoy reviews like the following and we can only hope to continue to serve the community greater and wider and in doing so, be able to pass on more of that secondhand love...

"It's a real pleasure to stumble on your website - I think your business is a wonderful idea for so many reasons. It is so nice to have the quality assurance when buying secondhand goods."



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