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Places to Sell Your Used Pushchair

There are a number of platforms on which to sell pushchairs so that people can make some extra money and at WeBuyYourBuggy we're not so selfish that we won't give you the low-down on them. Bear in mind we will swiftly follow up with the reason those sites pale into insignificance in comparison to us and why for utter convenience and guaranteed money we're the only option that matter.



Car boot sales, NCT nearly new sales and mum-to-mum markets are very well and good, however if you’ve got the time to source the market that is most convenient and nearest for you and you’re happy to wait patiently in the hope that someone might scoop your item up for the amount you’d like for it then that’s all fine and dandy. I can think of other things I’d like to be doing in my spare time, but maybe standing out in the cold or if you’re lucky in a drafty community hall is your thing – and that’s after having lugged your not-so-small item to the venue in the first place – then fair dues to you and best of luck to you with the sale!

There is always the option of gifting your used pushchair to your nearest and dearest. Now, as kind and charitable as that might be it isn’t necessarily what you want to do with an item you spent a tiny fortune on and for that very reason have kept in pristine condition because it holds its re-sale value. This makes charging your friends and family money for it awkward especially if you value it higher than what they believe it’s worth. Nobody minds ‘gifting’ that cheaper, run-around buggy that all parents eventually end up needing but perhaps you have other ideas with your fabulous first pushchair purchase.

Other places to sell buggies are good old online marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree, Pushchair Trader or any other pushchair/baby-ware marketplaces but again, is it worth it? Yes, eBay and Gumtree are reputable in their own right, hosting thousands  of new and used pushchairs listings. But these sites come with their own set of issues, like fingers crossed someone even stumbles across your advert to start with!

In most cases you have to pay advertising cost and even then there’s no guarantee your pushchair will sell. You then have to arrange to either have it couriered or even meet the buyer to exchange, all things I know I’d rather not have to do. There must be simpler solution to a common issue…

Well we know we’re biased but we believe the best place to sell pushchairs is on WeBuyYourBuggy, since we take away all the stumbling blocks and make it a quick and easy process for you to make money and space quickly. All you need to do is complete a FREE Online Valuation by selecting information from some dropdown options and if you chose to accept our valuation simply select a courier collection date of your choice then let us collect, assess and get the money to you nice and quickly! No more giving stuff away for free, putting in the effort of selling at mum-to-mum/car boot sales and no more posting your item on saturated marketplaces only for nobody to bite.

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  • Daniel Lastex on

    Hi , how can I look at the second hand pushchairs ? Thanks you

  • Tina on

    I am trying to sell my 3 seater pushchair.

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