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Is your pushchair embarrassingly dirty yet you just can't seem to find the time clean it? Do you keep putting off getting that wobbly wheel fixed? Are you planning to sell your pushchair and would like to boost its re-sale value?

Is baby number two, three or even four on it's way and you know your old pushchair, once cleaned and serviced, has a few years left in it still?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, maybe it's time you considered giving your pushchair a pampering.

There are a number of pushchair valet service centres in the UK, however the only one we recommend and worth mentioning is Buggy Pitstop. Nearly 10 years established, Buggy Pitstop are the first independent pushchair repair and servicing specialist in the UK. 

Buggy Pitstop can collect from anywhere in the country, they also have hubs in various areas of London should you wish to drop your buggy off. Alternatively, if you're local, you can easily take your pushchair in to their service centre in Harrow, Middlesex and depending on the service, they may even be able to fix it while you wait!

Their services include: repairs, pushchair and car wash cleaning, spare parts stockist and they are the recommended service centre for some of the biggest pushchair brands out there.

    Buggy Pitstop - Harrow, London

    • Telephone: 0203 876 7778
    • Email:













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