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Jogger's Delight: Best Running Buggies

It's that time of the year when we can easily begin to eat to stay warm and develop a little winter padding. What could be a better idea that to get down to your local park and run and with a baby in tow you're sure to burn those calories in no time (and hopefully still be able to enjoy those hot chocs too!)

So, whether you're a jogging mum or dad or simply want a pushchair you can manoeuvre with the tip of your little finger, Buggy Revival has compiled a list of some of the better running pushchairs for you!

Phil & Teds

A great brand with great manoeuvrability for jogging with plenty of space for your little one and a large basket to carry essentials. Easily converts into a tandem for baby number 2 or twinsies which makes is convenient too. Whilst it might not be parent-facing it does mean little one(s) is always facing in the direction you are running so feels no queasiness when out for a run/jog. In particular, the Dot is perfect for the mum or dad who runs.

Check out Buggy Revival's range of Phil & Ted buggies.

Mountain Buggy

This award-winning popular all-terrain buggy brand is by far one of the most ergonomically designed out there. Take for example, the superior one-hand fast fold or a conveniently located hand-braking system to name a few. Their range offers versatility, a large basket, comfy seat and space. Engineered for the urban and active parent, this versatile all-rounder is perfect for when in the city or going off the beaten track. From newborn to toddler mode, Mountain Buggy's pushchair offers longevity.

Check out Buggy Revival's range of Mountain Buggy pushchairs.

Out n About

Lots of advantages including large pneumatic wheels and generous hood, any of the Out n About range would be suited to an outdoorsy, sporty lifestyle. Out n About is one of the most versatile buggy brands around suitable for nipping around town or an adventurous and muddy walk or a jog. In particular the Nipper Sport is one of the lightest sport buggy on the market weighing in at just 9.8kg

Check out Buggy Revival's range of Out n About buggies.


Quinny may not be the first brand that springs to mind when you think of pushchairs designed for running with, however their cheaper price tag may be the deal-clincher. The Speedi SX is a 3-wheeler that really does move effortlessly over every terrain, and is great for those who love the outdoors. It's a super off-roader with great suspension and height-adjustable handles making it easy to push. Another of the range is the Buzz3 3-wheeler and while it may not be designed to run with specifically and can be a little heavy, it still serves a purpose, offering the right type of flexibility at a decent price.

Check out our range of Quinny joggers / three-wheelers.


This brand make jogging buggies with some nifty features that will make running with your little one a little bit easier. In particular, the Bob Revolution Pro features a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system, a swivel front wheel which locks forward when the terrain gets bumpy or steep and a hand operated brake to control your speed downhill. With the Bob Ironman Dualle, another model in their range, you can go running with two kids and is also the official stroller of the IRONMAN Triathlon.

Check out Buggy Revival's range of BOB buggies.

Baby Jogger

The Baby Jogger range has introduced it's own running buggy in the Summit X3, the perfect do-it-all buggy for active families who like to jog but don't have the space for a larger, dedicated running buggy. Car seat and carrycot compatible and a one-hand fold mechanism, the Summit X3 behaves just like a normal buggy until you take it off road or start running.

Check out Buggy Revival's range of Baby Jogger buggies.


Mums who run were waiting with baited breath for Bugaboo's latest offering, the Runner Complete. Released in the summer 2016, the Bugaboo Runner is a innovative and money-saving bit of kit (if you're a Bugaboo owner already) because instead of creating a whole new buggy, the Runner is simply a buggy frame (with 16″ rear wheels and fixed 14” front wheel) which can be paired with any existing Bugaboo seat unit. A saving of £234. Not bad, right?


Tips: How to run with a buggy

  • Take it easy when beginning running after pregnancy. Make sure you’re all ready and warmed up to run, i.e. your pelvic floor is strong enough to withstand the impact of running. Pregnancy hormones will have loosened your ligaments and made your joints less stable. 
  • Choose a reasonably flat route. Hills will put more pressure on your joints.
  • Make sure the handlebars are the correct height; in line with your waist is usually about right.
  • Have enough space to run behind the buggy. Don't lean on the handlebars. Have enough space, with a slight bend in your waist but keep your head up, shoulders down and lead with your chest.
  • Keep your feet straight. A good running buggy has a wide wheel base so you don't have to alter your stride.
  • Don’t dangle a baby change bag on the handle-bar as it will push you further away and you could strain your back.
  • It is recommended to run with one hand and swing the other arm. Swap swinging arms regularly to work both sides evenly (but remember to swap over the wrist straps too).
  • Try interval training at first; run for a minute then walk for two. Always leave one but preferably two days in between runs.
  • If you’re running for longer, make sure the front-wheel tracking is adjusted to your style.
  • Wear the right clothing – a properly fitting pair of trainers and layers you can remove. If you are still breastfeeding, consider wearing a seamless sports bra over your usual nursing bra.
  • Take a water bottle.
  • Babies can get cold in the buggy, so dress them appropriately. Oh, and don't forget to take a drink and some snacks for them too.

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