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Cross My Palm With Silver: How Silver Cross Pushchairs Hold Their Value in Secondhand Market

Silver Cross, one of Britain's finest and most favourite brands, has always been at the helm of the babyware industry not only for its pushchairs but for its nursery furniture and car seats too. Founded in Yorkshire in 1877, it remains famous today for its coach built carriages. Notably, the longevity of the brand matches the longevity of its products, as Silver Cross remains one of the sturdiest and best value for money pushchair brands on the secondhand market.

Today, Silver Cross is internationally recognised for its range of stylish sturdy pushchairs, maintaining its reputation as a household trustworthy name.

And what's best of all Buggy Revival are pleased to add another string to the Silver Cross bow: that it is one of has one of the best pushchair brands out there for holding its quality and sturdiness on the secondhand market.

From stunning fabrics and well-crafted raincovers and undercarriage baskets to matching changing bags and slick and shiny frames, Silver Cross maintains its timeless quality in all aspects of even its minute design. 

If you're after a great secondhand / used pushchair for quality, elegance and longevity at half the original price then this high end pushchair brand is for you and shopping at Buggy Revival is the only way! 

Check out Buggy Revival's Silver Cross Collection for all of your Wayfarers, Pioneers, Surfs, Linear Freeways, 3D Classic Pram & Pushchairs and Elegance Sleepover products.

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