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Buggy Revival at the Launch of Advance London

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Last month Buggy Revival was honoured to be present at the launch of the Advance London event at City Hall along with other SMEs with similar 'circular' style business concepts.


Advance London is a new initiative for SMEs in London to encourage businesses to adopt Circular methods and reap the benefits within their businesses and for the capital of seeing less waste and more re-use by 2020 and beyond.

A new venture, part of the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), Advance London is intent on embracing the forward-thinking methods and attitudes of businesses and models within pre-existing businesses within London.

The event, which took place on 25th April was attended by over 100 people who gained insight into the business potential of Circular Economy methods.

Round and round we go...

Whether it's through refurbishing, repurposing or reusing goods; re-manufacturing, leasing or sharing, the Circular concept is at the helm of the Mayor's vision of establishing a Circular Economy in London, potentially creating over 40,000 gross jobs in circular economy sectors.

The alternative to a current linear economy, CE keeps product, components and materials at their highest use and value at all times.

The Buggy Revival team came away excited to push harder in sustaining the circular methods already in place, with the hope of scaling and advancing into alternative Circular Economy models.

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