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Buying Second-Hand Pushchairs for a First-Born Child

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We usually associate the secondhand pushchair market as serving the needs of parents buying for the second time and often for transporting more than one baby about, for example for tandems and double buggies. Used pushchairs are often bought by childminders and grandparents too. So when we heard Christina's story - somebody who'd bought a high-end, used pushchair for her first born baby - we were super interested to find out her reasons for choosing to buy secondhand first time round.

Christina, you recently had your first child - what made you decide to buy a secondhand pushchair?

I had my heart set on purchasing a Bugaboo. I had taken my God-daughter out and about in hers a few times and loved the way it handled. I had also heard positive things from other friends and reviews I had read online. when I told my partner how much it cost he couldn't believe how expensive it was. He said we would need to take out a second mortgage to buy the pushchair and that made me laugh but also reflect on things. It was a lot of money to spend on a buggy so I decided to look online for second hand one. 

How did you decide where to look? Did you buy off a friend/personal contact or through an online marketplace?

I actually put a post on a parent's Facebook group I am a member of. My post was actually in relation to people's recommendations for buggies and it was to this post that I received a response from someone that was looking to sell their Bugaboo Cameleon. From here we arranged to go to her house to view the buggy and we decided there and then to buy it. 

Did you have a pushchair brand in mind when you began your search? If so, was it easy enough to source and did you end up with the pushchair - brand, model or colour - you had in mind?

We knew that we wanted the Bugaboo Cameleon or should I say I knew I wanted the Bugaboo Cameleon. It wasn't necessarily the colour we wanted as we didn't know if we were having a baby boy or girl at the time and the buggy was cream and blue but we went with it regardless as we thought it would be suitable for either sex. 

What were the key criteria for you when you were looking to buy your pushchair? For example was the age, condition, or whether it came with a manual etc important to you?

We wanted the buggy to be in good working condition for sure and also clean. Things like manual were not really a priority as these days you can find such things online 

What were the benefits and pitfalls (if any) of buying a secondhand pushchair? Are there any features that you think would've improved your experience?

We definitely saved ourselves a lot of money compared to if we had bought a new one. It was in good condition so we hope that God willing when we have another child this buggy will be fit for purpose. The only down side was that the sun parasol was broken and we hadn't realised and nor was this highlighted to us at time of purchase. We only noticed this recently so to late to go back really and complain as it was nearly 10 months prior we made the purchase.

Were you happy with the overall experience of buying a secondhand pushchair and would you do it again? 

Yes we would.


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