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Double Trouble or Twice as Nice: Purchasing Pushchairs for Twins

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Buying a pushchair at the best of times is no easy task, but when you have twin babies plus a toddler to consider, the search for the ideal mode of baby transportation takes on a whole new meaning. No stranger to the used pushchair market, social media manager and mother of three, Rebecca Cartwright knows the trials and tribulations of upgrading and upsizing pushchairs better than most, having had to transport her three boys - 2-year-old twin boys, Arthur and Freddy and three-year-old William - around town. And having bought her second and third pushchairs second-hand, we decided to ask her all about her experience of the world of tandems and double buggies.


1. Rebecca, what was your pushchair buying experience like when you had your first child?

I did a lot of research online for child number one. I knew nothing about buggies so was starting from scratch. I actually got quite overwhelmed in my research by the choice (and price !!) of what is out there. in the end bought something brand new and was very happy with it. I may have considered buying that model second hand if I had found it secondhand but as I thought i may use it for future children, I was keen to buy something new so that it would last at least two children. Little did i know...

2. When you found out you were expecting the twins during your second pregnancy what were your initial thoughts regarding buggies for multiple kids? Did you know much about what was on offer or did it entail lots of research?

I didn't really know anything and was slightly miffed that I wouldn't be able to use my very good single buggy again. My older son wouldn't go in a buggy anymore so I wouldn't have bought a double one if i hadn't been having twins (I may have bought a buggy board or similar). So I did a lot of research (again) online and narrowed what i wanted down to a few models. as we were living abroad, it wasn't that easy to just go out and try the ones I wanted in a shop. So i started looking online and by pure luck, found someone near me selling just the buggy i wanted. I went to try it out and loved it! I think if I hadn't found that buggy second hand, I would have been tempted to buy it new as it was so good and a buggy is such a crucial item - it's important to get it right.

3. Tell us about your pushchair buying experience with the twins?

So, as I have said above, it was a bit like starting from scratch again, doing all the research again. I was more keen to buy second hand this time though just to save money (twins are very expensive), and I sold my single buggy once the twins were born.

4. What was your experience buying a second-hand pushchair? Was it easy shopping for a second-hand double buggy?

Because we were living abroad, it was probably a bit different to most people's experience. It was certainly easy finding the info online. I FOUND USER REVIEWS VERY USEFUL. Finding the right thing secondhand was more difficult but I was lucky!

5. Would you have bought second-hand regardless of whether or not you were expecting twins with your second pregnancy?

I think I would have reused the buggy I had, and if I had needed a double one to carry older child as well, i would definitely have tried to get one secondhand.

6. What were the benefits and pitfalls (if any) of buying a second-hand pushchair and was there any feature that would've made your second-hand pushchair purchasing experience a happier one?

I can't really see any downsides to the second hand buggy I have. It is in really good condition and came with all the extras. However, it does take longer to find what you want on the second hand market and you may have to travel a bit to find it. Also, there is more risk as there is no guarantee and if it falls apart, you are stuck.


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