Who Buys Second-Hand Pushchairs?

There are parents out there who want only the best, brand new stuff for their new babies and that's absolutely fine. Generally, they are first-time parents. However, there's another group out there made up of either parents expecting their second child, eco-warriors who hate waste, thrifty types, childminders and grandparents alike, all willing and partial to spending their hard-earned cash on pushchairs that have had previous owners, for a cheaper price than if they'd bought them brand new.  


For all new parents out there who shudder at the price of baby gear and the pressure to have the best items, we're here to tell you there's no need to worry! First of all, think of the beautiful, pristine, shiny new baby stuff you can spend loads of money on. Now consider a parallel market that is just as well-stocked.

Pre-loved. Used. Second-hand. However you chose to describe this market there's no denying it's a healthy one, not to mention eco-friendly and ethical.

Online marketplaces are awash with used baby clothes, equipment and travel gear, and pushchairs are by no means strangers to this space. 

Some might say they'd rather not buy a pushchair another child has used and smeared their mess on, some would prefer a warrantee and certainty that if something breaks they can return it to the shop for repairs or exchanges. 

We do it with cars. We do it with furniture. We might even do it with clothes, so long as 'vintage' continues to be all the rage.  

Buggy Revival believe in offering you familiarity and good service. We recognise that online shopping is the modern consumer's preferred method so we wouldn't expect that to be any different when looking for a preloved pushchair.

We understand the second-hand pushchair market is heaving but we you to be able to buy your desired pushchair and accessories an experience that's free from stress, bartering, and delivery charges. Oh and in case it's not all that hoped for we even have a 30 day returns policy.

So, who buys secondhand pushchairs? We hope you do and that you chose to buy from Buggy Revival.

Find the pushchair you like and order online today. 



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