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What to Expect from the Expectant Meghan and Harry?

Compared to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan and Harry tend to seek more modern syles, with Meghan in particular showing a preference for sustainable brands. Could they spark a trend for eco-friendly childrenswear?


Meghan's sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, heavily influenced everything baby-related throughout her three pregnancies from maternity wear, baby and children's clothes to pushchairs.

Kate Middleton and Prince William's tastes reflect a generally more middle-class appearance, in spite of their royal status. They were responsible for the resurgence in quintessentially British taste, from cardigans to smocked dresses and vintage-style prams.


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But Baby it's Cold Outside - Buy Affordable Footmuffs

As the winter months set in, it's time to get your pushchair, pram or buggy winter-proofed. Whether it's footmuffs, cosy toes, branded blankets or cocoons that you're looking, Buggy Revival's affordable selection of winter warmers is sure to have something appropriate and snuggly for your little one.



And just like our pushchairs, our Footmuff Collection won't leave you feeling like you've broken the bank, which therefore means we leave you with more spending money in the run up to Christmas. Win win!

Check out our Accessories Collection here

Check out our

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Zero Waste Not Want Not

Blue Planet David Attenborough environmentally friendly green biz Kamikatsu Lush Mayor of London minimalist Planet Organic Sadiq Khan Silo Starbucks Traid vegan Whole Foods zero waste

Regardless of whether you are a vegan, a minimalists or are simply looking to save more and hoard less, the bandied-around term, #zerowaste, can be applied to more and more people these days.


Practising zero waste applies to anyone who wants a life less impeded by material goods in their life and taking that first step means buying less stuff to therefore create less waste. The dismal truth of the matter is that as humans living on this earth, we continue to over-consume and it's inevitably taking its toll on the planet and something desperately needs to...

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If You're Twinning, You're Winning!

Twins are a blessing to any family and with double the 'trouble' comes double the transportation fun! Speaking to a friend recently, she wanted to know whether the twin version of her favourite ergonomically-designed single stroller existed. Sadly, it does not. Her response: that she would therefore have to buy a second single stroller of that same brand and stick two buggies together to achieve her perfect double buggy!

Double Buggy Recommendation Blog

Hold the gaffer tape for a minute, though! All DIY double-buggy-making aside, there are some truly wonderful double buggies already on the market and which you'll be pleased to know...

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Secondhand Love is All Love - Approve It & It's a Keeper!

pushchairs reused secondhand

The used online consumer market continues to grow, with various apps and marketplaces becoming evermore popular by the day. Apps such as Shpock, eBay, Preloved, LetGo, FaceBook Marketplace to name but a few, have been designed in the spirit of the modern world, to offer both seller and buyer the ease, convenience and fast sale they desire.

Image of a person shopping online with their credit card and wallet and laptop in view

The ratings and usage of these apps have spoken: secondhand online shopping continues to thrive! While the love for...

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