Buggy Survival Guide: Tip No.3 - Say No to Broken Brakes

Buggy Revival has compiled some top tips on how best to maintain your buggy and what areas to pay special attention to so it stays working efficiently and looking slick for longer. We will be publishing all our tips over a series of blog posts so do take a look at our other published blogs as well as forthcoming tips.



Our third tip in our Buggy Survival guide series is all about those all-important brakes, because let's face it the last thing we want is for them to fail us when we need them the most.

Things to look out for:

  • The brake should hold the buggy still on a 9-degree slope so keep an eye out that it’s easy to apply and that when it’s on it secures the buggy.
  • Subject to general wear and tear, brakes should be replaced when necessary. It’s always best to contact your local or stockists or general buggy repair centres for experienced knowledge on ordering and fixing the faulty area. (Buggy Revival will be publishing a list of buggy service centres up and down the country in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.)
  • Use Green Oil's Eco Lube to keep brakes lubricated and ticking over nicely.