Buggy Survival Guide: Tip No.6 - Frame! It's Gonna Live Forever!

Here is another of Buggy Revival top tips on how best to maintain your pushchair so it stays working efficiently and looking slicker for longer. We are publishing all our tips over a series of blog posts so do look out for further and previous posts.

For tip number 6 we ask that you check and maintain your frame regularly.

Frame, It’s Gonna Live Forever!

As the backbone of your pushchair, the frame should require extra special attention. While mummy/buggy clips are useful for helping to carry those few extra shopping bags, the poor pushchair carrying them may not have been designed to accommodate the extra weight so why not offer some light relief to its weary bones?

Try not to weigh your handles down with too many bags. The overall impact this can have on the chassis can be damaging in the long run, weakening its overall strength, making it bend and loosening important mechanisms. It also means the pushchair is more likely to topple over, which as we all know can be just plain inconvenient and somewhat embarrassing out in public.