Buggy Survival Guide: Tip No.5 - Five is the Magic Number

Here is another of Buggy Revival top tips on how best to maintain your pushchair so it stays working efficiently and looking slick for longer. We are publishing all our tips over a series of blog posts so do look out for further and previous posts.

For tip number 5 we urge you to check your 5-point harness is in good working order.

5 is the Magic Number!

To prevent your helpless little baby from tipping out of their pushchair, or your restless toddler from clambering out while the wheels are in motion, a working harness is a very important safety feature. The harness must be of the five-point variety with conform to current safety standards.

The preferred five-point safety harness to the older three-point version should hold the infant securely over the shoulders, round the waist and between the legs. To guarantee this the buckles need to clip together and undo easily, and the straps should fit snugly and not be damaged or frayed. Regular cleaning of the buckles and clasps to clear our crumbs and grit helps to maintain the harness for longer.