Buggy Survival Guide: Tip No.2 - Folding System Working? Check!

Buggy Revival has compiled some top tips on how best to maintain your buggy and what areas to pay special attention to so it stays working efficiently and looking slick for longer. 


For now, here's tip number 2: How to keep that chassis/frame and all its joints working efficiently and effectively for longer.

Folding System Working? Check!

    Does your chassis' folding system operate smoothly? Once open, does your pushchair stay open without faltering or collapsing - do both locking devices work effectively? These are the areas worth paying special attention to make sure your buggy keeps ticking over for longer.

    Going that extra mile always pays off so why not try applying lubrication from time to time to keep moving parts working properly, especially after the pushchair has been used in sand, mud or salt water. Any silicon-based furniture polish will do the trick, however we love and recommend Green Oil, an environmentally-friendly company which uses recycled bottle to produce their packaging and biodegradable ingredients to create their products.


    Order and use Green Oil's Eco Lube to keep your frame and wheels tip top