Buggy Survival Guide: Tip No.1 - How to Keep Fabrics Clean & Pristine

Buggy Revival has compiled some top tips on how best to maintain your pushchair so it stays working efficiently and looking slick for longer. We will be publishing all our tips over a series of blog posts so do look out for further posts.

Just as you would with a car - because we all know some pushchair price tags compete with cars' - Buggy Revival recognises that by giving your baby's little vehicle a service or some good old fashioned TLC every now and again you can maintain its cleanliness and safety for longer. The first of our Buggy Survival tips is all about cleanliness:

Tip 1: Fabric Clean & Pristine

Even the tidiest child's eating habits leave much to be desired, so we recommend the following easy tips to keep your pushchair in a better condition for as long as possible:

  • a regular wipe down of the fabric using a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap
  • by putting the dirty / stained fabric parts into the washing machine from time to time (only if your pushchair's handbook/washing instructions recommends it) you can stave off bacteria and any permanent stains and keep fabrics looking newer for longer
  • running the hoover over the nooks and crannies where crumbs are likely to collect from time to time
  • polishing the frame can become a regular habit (one grandmother recently admitted doing so every Sunday as part of her regular silverware polishing), which can means you take your pride in your pushchair to the next level and always maintain a pleasant environment for your child.